the right ingredients

for the right food


The True Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam cuisine is unique, and besides the different spices and flavors, the methods of cooking are unique as well. Our special authentic Vietnamese recipes consists of spices and herbs give the dishes a fresh taste and interesting combination of flavors – the main reason to keep our patrons coming back for more.

Inviting & Homely

3T conceives that all the guests have the right to experience not only Vietnamese cuisine but also its culture, and above all, the authentic Vietnamese BBQ style. With wide variety of selections (beef, pork, goat, many kinds of seafood…), guests simply choose their favorite food and vegies, then flame them up right there on the table and enjoy themselves in a charmingly lively atmosphere.

Daily Fresh Food

3T food is daily obtained only the very finest ingredient from the local Vietnamese suppliers. All food is carefully hand-picked to maintain their fresh, taste and nutrients, without any bioengineering.

Moreover, 3T food is prepared to cater enough meals just for one day only. We aim to provide fresh food as quickly as possible, and to try our best to keep high quality and service. 

Thus, the best food comes from the best ingredients and that’s exactly what we have been doing over 20 years.

Guest Reviews

  • Fantastic. We arrived on a very busy night and they atmosphere was amazing. We had to wait for a table , but it was so worth the wait. We ordered a good selection of food that you cook at the table, the prawns are veery fresh...they are still alive! The quality of the food is excellent and the staff are polite and the service is very quick. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that made a lasting memory. The eel for the BBQ is very special, well worth an try.

    GarethSW, 12.2018, Tripadvisor
  • Great experience Lovely restaurant on the roof top. It was recommended to us by relatives living in Ho Chi Minh. We went there twice during our stay and we were not disappointed. Food is excellent and all staff were very friendly and helpful. They speak very good English and they explain everything so you don't have to worry you burn your dinner or you don't know what to do. Overall the place has a really good atmosphere. It's not expensive and you can pay by card..

    Magdalena P, 12.2019, Tripadvisor
  • Enjoying my last evening in HCM here. Having such a good time, good food! The place is bit difficult to find so make sure to look closely on the sign. It’s pretty much on the rooftop so during hot weather it’s nice to get fresh air.

    Ami Fraise, 05.2019, Google Map
  • I'm love BBQ in this restaurant .this place open more than 20 years. boss is so lovely . food is very delicious , workers here so take care anything you need. please take your time enjoy best BBQ for style Vietnam at this restaurant.

    Salon Moon, 10.2019, Google Map
  • A pretty, air rooftop bbq place that does excellent at-your-table vietnamese-style bbq. Sauces were a bit westernized - the nuoc mam in particular was very mild, unfortunately. The ba roi with 5 spices and the goat breast were awesome, but I’ve never had the bo la lot nuong mo chai, beef wrapped in betel leaves and then again in a net of cow fat... it was awesome. Three small plates of these meats were enough for two people. Service was prompt and friendly. Parking is 15k on the street.ed.

    Ben Herman, 01.2020, Google Map